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Founders of Oktane Energy Drink ISupreme Watkins/ Toni Covington

Energy drink brand Oktane is still very much a new entry in the increasingly competitive world of energy drinks, officially launching in the middle of last year, so it’s only half a year old. The company debuted with

a slim 12oz beverage featuring a moderate 100mg of caffeine with absolutely no nutrition, so zero sugar, carbohydrates, fat, and calories, and only one flavor in Watermelon Kiwi.

Oktane has found great success in its short time on the market, and it is looking to pick things up in 2023, announcing two major changes coming to its beverage lineup. Firstly, it has put into production a second taste for its signature energy drink, which is expected to be making its way out to fans soon, and it will see the original Watermelon Kiwi joined by the fruity recipe Orange Mango.

The other half of Oktane’s major moves to start the New Year can be seen in the image above with a change in its branding. The product already had an intriguing and interesting design, and many of those points, features, and details have been carried over, including its bright array of colors. All of this action seems to be rolling out shortly and is certainly a great start to the year for the growing brand.

Despite only launching June 2022, Oktane has made great strides, kicking off 2023 with a second Flavor in production, Mango — Orange along with a re-branding of a new label created by Tiarah Sharp, Creative Director of Oktane Energy. Kicking off the re-brand featuring their newly signed Sponsored Olympian (4th place) Men’s Physique IFBB Pro Charjo Grant.

We were able to develop a lot of strong partnerships across different communities. We started by building within our local community then started to expand across the United States.

Oktane has recently acquired their 1st International Partnership in Paris, France with Football team The Diables Rouges de Villepinte THE RED DEVILS. Oktane has become the Official Energy Drink for the Paris, France based team.

Currently, they are working on a marketing campaign with WBRE in Pennsylvania and Comcast. Oktane received a grant from Comcast called Comcast Rise, and they’re airing a 30 sec commercial for 90 days in the east coast. Our first goal was to highlight all of our amazing partners and day one supporters that began this journey with us.

They’ve also recently signed with the Asian American Trade Associations Council (AATAC), a national association of retailers, distributors, vendor suppliers and partners within the food and beverage industry. They’re also one of the largest independent trade associations in the country with over 80k stores including; 7-eleven, Circle K, Sunoco, Loves, Shell, Gulf and Exxon. This agreement and the launch of our new flavor will help us grow even more as we’re sold in more C stores.

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